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A Personalized Approach

Our coaches and tutors focus on the individual needs of each one of our student athletes as they grow from middle schoolers to high school graduates and beyond.


BKYSC Academy

The BKYSC Academy is the core after-school program at the Brooklyn Youth Sports Club. Consistent with our Mission, the program leverages students passion for basketball as a vehicle to engage participants in academic and other “off-the- court” activities.

The year-round Academy is designed to meet the academic needs of each individual participant by offering a wide spectrum of academic support in areas including literacy development, homework help, individual and group tutoring, SAT/ACT prep, and Regents Prep.

The program also offers curriculum-based classes that use relevant and engaging subject matter to inspire students to think critically and to apply their learning to the real world.

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The Better Athlete Coalition (BAC) is a specialized program for committed student-athletes in the middle school. The BAC curriculum addresses multiple academic areas including literacy/reading skills, academic mindset/approach, and, eventually, college awareness and prep.

The program also stresses a commitment to developing personal character and integrity and focuses on empowering participants to make accountable decisions in the classroom, on the court, and in the community.

Through a rigorous commitment to academic support, leadership development, and basketball training, the program succeeds in helping students prepare for high school and beyond.


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College Assist

The ultimate measure of BKYSC’s impact is our ability to assist students in their pursuit of college enrollment. Fundamental to program values is the expectation that 100% of our participants graduate high school and enroll in college.

BKYSC’s College Assist program is designed to address four key areas of need in the college enrollment process: 1) SAT/ACT aptitude test preparation 2) Development of college essays and personal statements 3) Crafting and submitting applications and 4) Enhancing college exposure and access.

Our approach through these four components has proven to be effective – since 2012, BKYSC has graduated over 150 youth to college with a 100% acceptance and enrollment rate.


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Varsity Assist

Varsity Assist is a partnership program between BKYSC and Brooklyn high schools that provides academic support and tutoring to student-athletes who participate on their high school teams.

The program, which takes place in the partner school’s facilities, was piloted in 2013 and has expanded to four partner schools in 2016. Most Varsity Assist participants also enroll in other BKYSC programs including the Summer Academy and College Assist.

Every single dollar spent by BKYSC on this program goes directly to salaries for academic support staff.


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Implemented by the Brooklyn Youth Sports Club (BKYSC) with the support of Cinematic Music Group, Building a Dream helps under-served youth develop the tangible skills that are key to success in the real world.

Building a Dream provides an avenue for students who are interested in pursuing various careers. The program allows participants to explore different professions while gaining exposure to the working world. Building a Dream inspires kids to achieve greatness and prepares them for a future beyond the classroom.

This program emphasizes hard work, accountability and entrepreneurship through group workshops, guest speakers, mentorship, employment opportunities and life changing experiences.


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