Brooklyn's premier, community-driven youth sports organization.

Our Mission

BKYSC assists Brooklyn youth in their pursuit of college enrollment using basketball as the hook for academic engagement and character development. By combining intensive basketball programming and rigorous academic support, BKYSC builds an enriching educational setting that empowers youth to fulfill their academic, physical, and personal potential. 


Our History

The Brooklyn Youth Sports Club was founded in 2009 as an academic support and college-preparatory initiative serving kids from all over Brooklyn. In our first year, BKYSC worked with 30 students, most of whom lived in Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, East New York, Brownville and Bushwick. This first group of fourteen and fifteen year olds kids were all really good kids and showed a true passion for the game they loved; they also had no program to turn to for academic support and college guidance. That where BKYSC came in.

After the first year with that first group, it was clear that the greatest impact we could have as an organization would be based on the idea that basketball could serve as an entry point to meaningful learning and academic engagement. In 2011, BKYSC implemented the academic component of the program. Ever since, in order to step foot in the gym, BKYSC has required all students to participate in a minute-for-minute ratio of academic support programs. This policy is non negotiable; it is also the reason our programs works - our kids are actively engaged in our programs and work hard because they are motivated by their own passion and interests. From there, the possibilities for learning and growth are unlimited.

Ultimately, the goal of the organization is to assist students in their pursuit of college enrollment. Since inception, BKYSC has maintained a 100% college enrollment rate. Those first thirty kids - and then every single BKYSC kid after that - has gone on to enroll in college. With over $3M in scholarships awarded to BKYSC youth, an average SAT score increase of almost 250 points, and now over 300 program participants per year, BKYSC will soon celebrate 10 years of providing quality programming for kids all around Brooklyn!


Our Team

Lyle Freiss,  Founder/Co-Executive Director

Lyle Friess

Founder, Co-Executive Director


Harris Friess

Co-Executive Director


Damon Lawrence

Director of BKYSC Academy


Anton Marchand

Director of Better Athlete Coalition


Academic Staff

Rob Weitzer

Niaz Ahmed

Farhan Yousuf

Solomon Chehebar

Priya Duvvuri

Noshin Choudhury

Mari Irby

Brendan Garrison

Sara Nolan

Weili Zhong

KK Shapiro (Building A Dream)


Damon Lawrence

Laron Mapp

Footprintz Basketball Academy

Run The City Training

Brian Gardenhire, LES Express

Mel Austin

Lyle Friess

Sam Joseph

Jalen Blaize

Cam Miley

Summer Staff

Aichata Ballo (BKYSC Participant)

Akeem Smith (BKYSC Alum)

Aliyah Nicholas (BKYSC Alum)

Caylan Pasley (BKYSC Participant)

Chris Robinson (BKYSC Participant)

Daquan Ervin (BKYSC Alum)

Domo Gist (BKYSC Alum)

Don Jarrett

Doudmy Saint Hillaire (BKYSC Alum)

Emily Dupervil (BKYSC Alum)

Empress Kelley (BKYSC Alum)

Fayonne Brown (BKYSC Participant)

Gary Sykes (BKYSC Alum)

Jack Mattaliano

Jalen Blaize (BKYSC Alum)

Janeel Frith (BKYSC Alum)

Jarobi Peters (BKYSC Alum)

Justin Silva (BKYSC Alum)

Keenan Alexander (BKYSC Participant)

Keith Roach

Kyle Henry

Manassah Small (BKYSC Alum)

Thierno Diallo (BKYSC Alum)

The Board of Directors

Alex Huebsch, Writer, Director, Producer

Benjamin Ezra, Entrepreneur

Ben Mathan, Senior Associate, Atairos Management

Diandra Barnwell, Brand Development, Producer, The Model Experience

Gregg Weiss, Partner, Gardner, Weiss, & Rosenblum, LLP

Jed Limmer, Managing Director, D.A. Davidson

Jeff Fischer, Senior Vice President, CBRE

Matthew Monness, Monness, Crespi, & Hardt

Matthew Rednor, Decoded Advertising, Founder & Chairman

Pat McAndrew, Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Rachel Hammer, VP Prime Finance, JP Morgan


We're in the neighborhood.

If you're curious to learn more, want to collaborate or just looking to say hi, we would love to hear from you. Drop us an email at or visit us at our office located 100 Dobbin Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222